So i asked on Twitter if i should make this introduction to Atomic Wallet because i really love the wallet and use it for most of my coins/tokens, so because a few likes and Atomic wallet thought it sounded like a good idea, well now i’m here writing this introduction on Atomic wallet.

What is Atomic wallet?

Atomic wallet is your gateway to the perfect multi coin wallet for your computer or/and on your mobile device so you always have easy access to your crypto. They support a ton of crypto assests all from own blockchain to tokens of same blockchain. You can see the full list here.

You will not need to have an account to use Atomic wallet and all its features. There is often added new assets to the list since new coins/tokens can be added by community vote or pay a listing fee to be added.

Atomic wallet support all ETH and BNB tokens so with that you can add all the tokens of those blockchains you want where they only support some TRX tokens like BTT and WINK.

With Atomic you own your own private keys for all the different blockchains supported by the wallet and no need to sync all the time so when you open the wallet it will always be synced to the blockchain.

Atomic wallet have a build in Exchange so you can exchange your crypto assets instantly in case you want a different kind of crypto that might be growing well in price at this current moment or what ever other reason. This system support mostly all the assets in the wallet.

You can also use your own bank card to buy crypto directly in the wallet and you can buy some of the assets supported by the wallet but you can use almost any fiat currency to buy. There is a min buy of 10 USD worth and there will be a 5% fee on your order.

Like most big wallet services you can stake assets on Atomic wallet and even get airdrops of some TRX tokens if you have min 100 TRX in the wallet when the airdrops happens, but beside that is 8 coins supported by the staking with all from 1.4% to 10% yearly rate.

You can also earn cashback with Atomic wallet when doing exchanges if you hold their own token and the more you hold the more you earn in cashback, their own token is also used to vote on new coins.

If you are interested in getting and following Atomic wallet you can always use the links below that will send you directly to their socials and website.







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