Well, to be fair, I know there is some legit sites out there when it comes to cloud mining but that’s just a small amount compared to all the sort of bitcoin investing sites out there. Some people already know this, but there are just too many people who fall for all these sites because they want to get rich quick, but let’s face it, you can’t get rich quick from investing into these sites.

99% of all the investing and cloud mining sites are full out scam and are made to steal money from users and there is really only a very few that are lucky to make a return from these sites.

But how do you avoid these sites? well, I got some rules I live by, I do not invest my crypto into investment system at all and when it comes to cloud mining I look into the amount sold of GH/S to see if it’s really legit or not.

You can easily see if a cloud mining is legit or not out from the amount sold and if the return is crazy.

Let’s take this image above, the amount of hash power just on the top 5 is way too insane and would take some insane big mining centers that not even legit cloud mining sites got and would have been billions of dollars to build.

A site like this is luring people in with high payouts and insane sales of hash power that in the end doesn’t even have servers to support the insane amounts and work because of the number of people that keep investing a lot of money into it. This site could most likely steal over a million dollars worth of Crypto because there is a lot of getting rich quick hunters that do everything to promote them and gain investors to the site.

But to be fair, the only people who get rich quick here are the site owners because they can easily fool people that are desperate to get money but just end up losing them because they do not think once before they deal with it.

So if you ask me, do not deal with it at all, better of by buying crypto and HODL it and claim free money from faucets if you can’t afford to buy it. I see people claiming wild amounts from doing faucets so it’s possible to make money on the site to HODL or sell because you, either way, won’t lose anything because all you invested was time.

That said, you should look into expresscrypto.io, they support so many different coins you can claim from faucets directly into the site wallets and are even rewarded free money for being active!


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