Believe it or not, Dash is a POS coin and have been for some time, tho also one of the most expensive coins to invests into when it comes to master nodes, but if you got enough money for 1000 dash then go for it because the monthly payback would be a good investment.

In this post, we will explain why and how easy it is to get started with earning from master nodes directly into your wallet.

All it really takes is a wallet for a master node coin and your own master node no matter if it’s hosted at home or a company that hosts master nodes for a living.

But first, POS coins they reward you no matter if you host a master node or not, as long as your wallet is open you are staking to the network and help to keep the network alive. This is also a good solution if you do not have some gear that can give a good hash rate to a POW.

Tho you still can stake just having the coin in your wallet it’s still not as much as if you have a master node since they are the once that are given the most reward for validating the blocks on the blockchain, but either way no matter if just staking from wallet or master node your coins will never leave your wallet, you will just “send” the coins to a new wallet address in your wallet and link it with your master node (search up guide)

So how easy is it to get started? Well, first of all, you need to find a master node with a good monthly return so I would recommend looking at master node coin staking stats. Just have in mind the higher amount in USD of return most likely also mean the price of the coin is bigger.

Now you found your self a coin, just download their GUI wallet, go to an exchange that supports that coin and buy it and send it to the wallet. When all that is done you just need to set up a master node and link it with your wallet and you are done.

If you are lazy and want a team to host your master node you can always look into Zcore which also is a master node coin, but they sell master node hosting for $1.5 a month and is some of the cheapest on the market. They support a good amount of good POS coins so you could look at the names they support when you search up for a coin to stake.

Yes, its really this simple to start earning money from crypto, and you can always host more than one master node and earn more but have in mind you will need to stake the needed amount for every master node you host. So if staking is 500 coins then you need 500 times the amount of master nodes, eg 2 master nodes 1000 coins.


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