So i’ve been thinking a lot on how i should approach this so its explained the best way possible and understandable for every website owner out there that too many ads can and why i will use some websites as a good example on how a few ads works great.

The first error a lot of new website owners do is to plaster their website with adv

advertisements thinking it would earn them a lot more money when it really wont.

A lot of ad networks have added so you can’t have more then an amount of ads to protect the advertisers so 5 ads wont show the same advertisement and waste the money the advertiser have put into the campaign.

The best way to do things is have max 5 ads per page and if you want more then one ad network use a rotate script or plugin in case you use a CMS system that have a rotate plugin to show the different ads on the 4 to 5 different spots.

Too many ads will make your site slow and in the end it can effect if the advertisement is seen or not and if you earn money from that view.

Lets take Althub one of the multicoin faucets they use 2 different advertising networks on their website and only 1 to 3 placements per page that shows ads. One in the top, middle and at the end of the page.

The website is very fast loading and there is nothing annoying for the user that makes it hard to use the site.

That takes me to the use of popup networks where that comes up an advertising that fill most or all the page, they are also part in that views wont be counted and will take loss in revenue for every site owner.

4 to 5 ads and hard work will in the end pay off and the traffic will almost do the rest of the work for you bringing in income for your website, tho if you are a blog like this its a good idea to keep writing content and share it around to gain more traffic and use the right SEO and so forth so google will help you out.

Best Networks to use

There is so many networks out there for advertising and its sometimes hard to figure out whats the best and what wont slow down your website too much when you use them. We have a list of advertising networks in our menu, but will add them to here too.

Some of these takes you have a lot of traffic but is mostly the last half of the list that does that like MellowAds that takes your Alex rank is 100,000 or below before you will be considered.

Ads that is really bad to use is affiliate banners since the usually fill a lot more and makes the load time of a website longer since the image files hosted on your server is much bigger and will add to the already amount of scripts and files that is needed to be loaded, so its a good idea to keep the advertising banners to come from advertising networks who have the servers and right coding to not slow your website down.


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