So now after that Faucethub made their announcement of closing down its faucet support and rebranding a lot of users have spread out but most of them have been running off the

Why are a lot of Faucets moving to then? The big reason is that it is the closest to Faucethub but still not being Faucethub with a lot more supported coins and 5 more coming by the end of 2020. The staff is very friendly and they rather tell you off then actually ban you for your first offense compared to Faucethub where you instantly were banned for a long time.

Min ban is 60 minutes with max up to a week ban for your offense, but you are given fairly a lot more chances then you would get most places. only support coins and no tokens at this point but yet still support BTC, BCH, BCN, Dash, DGB, Doge, ETH, LSK, LTC, XMR, NEO, PPC, POT, XRP, Strat, TRX, Waves, and ZEC. This open up the doors for faucets to spread widely the support of coins and as said they will with time be able to support a lot more and especially for them that want to be a multi-coin faucet. has big support from its community winning the poll of A-ads and people contacting faucets and other services to join in for payouts. You aren’t required to be a faucet to use EC to pay your users if you are a game, gamble site or advertising service you can still use o API to automate your payout instantly to users at no fee. also comes with an affiliate system that lets users earn 10% of the amounts earned trough the offerwall on the site on the users that they gain the site.

So if you own a faucet you should work on adding EC to your site since it can make things a lot easier for you when it comes to payout users since you also most likely have users from that platform already.


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