So I’ve seen a lot of crypto-based browsers made on chrome all from a browser made to mine bitcoin and many others, but to be fair only Brave browser has caught me and made me keep it.

Brave browser is the only browser that really focuses on your privacy and browser speed when you are on the internet and I will go over how Brave makes browsing the internet more safe and faster while also allowing site owners to earn money.

What Brave does for users

Brave is a chrome based browser build in with a blocking system that blocks ads and other scripts like miners and trackers so you fully can go around on a website without having to worry about being followed in everything you do.

At the same time with the build-in BAT wallet, you can get privacy ads that earn you BAT for every ad that you click on and go to the site. No ad codes or tracking from the ads and no ads that is directed from your searches.

You can then withdraw your BAT to your Uphold account since that’s the cloud wallet that they have a deal with apparently, but it’s very easy to sign up to Uphold and withdraw to a new wallet from Uphold, also Uphold let you withdraw your BAT in a different coin or token that Uphold supports.

What’s in it for site owners?

Well, site owners can earn from the creator program, this also goes for youtube, twitter and twitch as well as Github.

Site owners can first of all sign up to the creator program where they will get an affiliate link and get $7.5 for every verified install of the browser (browsers that have been installed and active for 50 days)

The affiliate program goes on multiple levels so you can earn more from other people gaining signups too as well from the ads people watch.

You can also get BAT donations from users of your site or social networks and streams, you can change the donation banner from your creator panel.

Payout is also to Uphold of a pre-made Uphold account and you can here choose to get paid in other than BAT if you want Bitcoin instead or other Uphold supported coins or tokens.


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