So we all know there is a lot of crypto based advertising sites out there, but very few is actually decentralized and well working. Today we will be looking into one of them that is doing it right both for advertisers and publishers and hopefully help you on the way to a better advertising campaign or earning from your traffic.

Adshares is a decentralized advertising system and blockchain with its very own blockchain and coin so its not depended on a blockchain like Ethereum. Adshares are an almost instant low fee transaction coin that is also well traded at a good price as well rewarded for your traffic and paid with to gain traffic trough their advertising platform.

I’ve used a lot of different advertising networks and to be fair Adshares have surely given me the best solution for advertising and the highest income from my traffic compared to other advertising networks out there. Think i wouldn’t lie if the amount earned from Adshares are 3 times bigger than i got from other advertising solutions out there.

Adshares support a wide range of banner sizes and a lot more than most places do so you always have a fitting banner for your website.

Adshares also support popup and under advertising so there is always a way for you to earn money or do advertising on and for your site no matter what it is.

Adshares doesn’t seem to have much of a limit of what can be advertised on their platform and what sites that can sign up for a publisher account. But for publishers you can look trough all the banners and popups and reject the once that you do not want to see on your site so you can remove advertising for bitcoin investing or cloud mining sites that most likely are scam so you can protect your traffic and users.

I go on to Adshares and look trough all the banners around once a week to remove that kind of sites to make sure its clear of that kind of advertising on my websites.

So where to get Adshares? Well the only place you can right now is on Graviex exchange. The exchange might be a little bit confusing at start, but i’m sure you will quickly learn and start using it with ease.


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