Well it was time for something different and today we will be covering the NLC Discord (New Launched Coins). This Discord server is a place for people to find new launched coins and on the same time take part in airdrops and bounty’s of the different coins listed.

NLC is a good way for both new coins and users to find each other and interact with each other and help grow new projects and be found easier then if they wasn’t part of NLC.

I personally know how hard it can be to grow a project without any help or channels to “advertise” to a big audience that look for your kind of project and also way cheaper then normal advertising campaigns and probl more effective since its fed directly to the right audience.

I really like this idea and i think its an important part in growing crypto in a whole that there is places like NLC to help out new projects grow and help users find new exciting projects they want to follow and be part of.

So what are you waiting for ? join here and get started to find new projects and get free coins from airdrops and bounty’s!


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