Well that said from today we will have 50% of all our site earnings and donations forward to different kinds of children charities all from cancer charities to school help of kids to give them a future.

We believe that the kids are our future and we should make sure to help them on the way to a better future and education knowing not everyone can afford to go to school and get a good education that they want.

We also support cancer funds for kids and other researching funds for kids with some sort of sickness to hopefully prevent it in the future and perhaps help the current kids with a sickness to get on with their life.

If you want to give 100% of the donation to charity please donate on the donation page and send us an email to admin@secryptzia.xyz with the transaction URL and say you want 100% to go to charity.

We will make sure that all crypto donations of that kind goes uncut to charity-


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