So in this post i will be writing about this amazing faucet line that keeps growing and keeps paying and adding more crypto to your portfolio. I’ve known about this faucet line for some time now and also made a post or two on them, but since they keep adding new faucets as late i though about just making an updated post on it.

Free Cryptos as they are known as on Twitter has for a while now had one of the best lines of crypto faucets that have the min amount of ads and nothing that annoy you while you claim like pop ups and so forth.

Their sites are very easy to use and very simple in design and you have a chance to win up to $300 worth of crypto every hour per faucet they have in all sorts of crypto all ranging from Bitcoin to Tron with 6 tiers of possible winnings every hour.

Tho its hard to hit the higher numbers you still get free crypto every hour and its not hard at all to get the min payout by your self as some faucets can have.

At the time of writing this post they have 9 faucets with the possibility of more faucets coming in the future since there is so many coins out there and always new coming around.

Current Faucets

I will personally try keep to update this post with every new faucet that they add to their faucet list as well as our sites direct faucet list that have a ton of nice faucets.

Combined with all sites they have over 500,000 people using their platform.


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