Just to start out, this is all around what i think on the subject and only what i believe. You are fully free to believe something different, but this is just what i see from all the different coins i know about.

We see more and more that coins is started as prove of stake or even move to prove of stake instead of using prove of work. Just take coins like Ethereum and Nimiq which both right now is prove of work, but will later this year move into prove of stake instead.

Tho i do not believe we will see every coin move to prove of stake like Litecoin and Bitcoin tho we will see it more and more and i think i know the good reason for that.

Prove of stake gives the option for everyone to take part and no one will have to use any expensive graphics cards or CPU just to get anything from it, tho some coins are pricey but with the help of staking pools everyone can still take part in staking without having to have the full amount needed.

Saying that i know that Ethereum will be 42 ETH just to be able to stake and if you take something like Tezos you need 8000 which is a good 16000 USD, but since there is so many pools to stake with these things wont be a problem at all.

I’ve been following prove of stake coins since the start of 2019 and its really grown on me and i’ve even been lucky enough to cover some of them working together with the coins them self and its made me look into all sort of coins and what they are worth as well what they try to do.

I think prove of stake coins are here to stay and you can kinda take it as replacing the old with the new just like gas cars might be replaced in the future by electric or hybrid cars.

Prove of stake coins are also the only coins that really reward you daily for HODLing the coins where if you HODL something like Bitcoin you wont really earn more bitcoin and maybe only be lucky to earn something when the price goes up where again prove of stake coins ads up on the amount you have everyday.

Prove of stake coins

The above list is just a small list of many prove of stake coins out there. If you really want to check out more prove of stake coins you can check Coinstake or stakecube that both a rather big and growing staking pools and faucets for all sorts of staking coins and more always get added to both pools.

Prove of stake coins often do also have a very fast network so sending coins around is easy and quick compared to a lot of coins that can take hours before its fully confirmed.

So now its fully up to you to find the right prove of stake coins, so its a good idea to read up on what they want to do for the future and so forth so you can get some what a good idea if its a good investment or not, but either way prove of stake is the future of crypto.


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