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The Exchange

Here I will explain how the exchange work, we get a lot of questions about the exchange in chat and I hope this page will help you understand the exchange a bit more.

You can find the Exchange in the menu icon 3 from the top and down.

The exchange lets you instantly exchange any of the supported coins with the site so you won’t have to wait for a user to request the coin you are trying to exchange also this means you won’t have to exchange to bitcoin first before you can exchange to a different coin.

There is a min exchange amount of 0.000005 BTC not meaning you will need to have 500 BTC sat but the worth amount of the coin you try to exchange in total is equal to 500 BTC sat. eg 8 DGB = 500 BTC sat.

You are limited to 20 USD a day unless you are premium that lets you exchange 50 USD every day.