On top of the last post on how i was filling my Stakecube wallet o thought it might be an idea to write a post about Stakecube and how you can use it to earn a bit extra from staking and interests from non stake coins.

Stakecube is a staking pool where a lot of people come together to stake coins and share the coin reward, this way you wont need min amount to get part of the staking reward that is given.

Even tho Stakecube is a staking pool it still support non stake coins like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin and many others where some you can only use to exchange and others give you are yearly interest if you have min amount deposited to your balance.

Stakecube support about 48 coins both POS and POW coins all together and more is getting added with the monthly votes going on for Stakecube Coin holders and all coins with min 1000 votes will be added to the site. All these coins can be traded on the build in exchange of Stakecube.

Getting Started

To get started first you need to make an account or login to Stakecube and after there click on the green + sign when you are in your wallet view.

It will open up an overlay where you can choose a wallet you want to have in your wallet dashboard so you only need to add those you want to use on the service and wont have to look through all 48 current coins to find the wallet you need to deposit.

If you take a look under Dash which support all the current ways to earn, there you will find the different ways the coins are supported and show on the right side of the Online text of the wallet.

First icon means Masternodes are supported where the number beside it means how many shared masternodes are there to buy shares in with your coins if you per say can’t afford to buy a full masternode.

The two arrows means its exchangeable on the exchange and where the stack of coins means you can earn a yearly interest from keeping the min amount deposited in the wallet all year.

Now look at the coins DAPS and BeanCash which both have an icon that Dash doesn’t, this Icone simply mean you will get stake rewards after your share of the current pool. Your share is displayed under every coin and will grow the more coins you deposit.

Now to move around the site you will to click the square that is made out of 9 smaller squares in the top left side, when you click on that one a menu will open up with the different pages.

First part of the menu is the page you started on and is your wallet dashboard. After that we have the page where you can see all coins with master nodes and buy a share of that master node.

Third on the list we have the exchange which have markets pairs of BTC, SCC, LTC, Dash and Doge and all the coins are paired with these 5 coins so there isn’t really any restriction on what coins can be traded for what.

Number four on the list is the place where you can see everything about Stakecubecoin master nodes and posting academy articles to help people and on the same time get rewarded for helping out the community.

Number 5 is where you can read everything about how to get started on Stakecube

Number 6 is the community page where you can vote for new coins using SCC, see past votes and future coin votings and even claim for free every 24 hours from “premium” and community made faucets giving out free coins directly into your wallets.

Number 7 is the place for people who likes games and also taking a gamble at the same time. Here you will need to have SCC and play games and have a chance of getting the Jackpot.

The very last point of the menu is for the developer that want to build on the API of Stakecube.


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