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Now after having some coins come to me and ask to get a post done (Like this one)

This kind of sponsored post cam boost your community to grow as well as your traffic to everything.

The post is shared now and then automatically shared to social channels so your post will always get more views and perhaps more community members.

The price is $20 per post you want made and is the same as all the other cryptos have paid so far to have theirs. You can pay in your own coin or in any of the coins listed under the donation page.

The price include that i write a post of 200 to 500 words minimum tho can happen it will go over the 500 words. On the same time i will use a lot of time to look into your coin to make sure to cover everything possible about your coin project.

All we will need from you are the payment and a .svg of your logo so we can do graphics our self for the post to look good.

One requirement is your coin needs to be listed on an exchange that is listed on CMC.

Other Pricing

If you want more then one post you can look at this.

For every post above 5 you will only pay $15 per post instead of $20 tho the 5th post will also be $15

5 posts = $95

6 posts = $100 – $5 + $15 = $110

Hope that makes sense

You can also get an unlimited amount of posts for a onetime $1000

Contact admin@secryptzia.xyz