So, its really been a while since i’ve pushed out a new article about something and there is reasons for that. I’ve simply just been very busy and still am, but found some time to make this post for you guys so you have something to read while im being really busy.

So i will make sure that i explain all the sites i’m gonna showcase today to the smallest detail so you fully understand how to use all of them and how to actually make money with them.

Getzen and Globalhive

Since both sites are running some what the same system i will put it under same section of the post.

Getzen is a community hub for the coin Horizen where Globalhive i’m not really fully sure about beside it giving out free Zcash to users, tho both sites are two different coins and have some different features the rest of the system is quiet the same.

Both faucets allow you to claim an amount of crypto every 20 – 24 hours that grows for each day you claim in a row and reset every weekly claim.

Both faucets give you from 0 to 2x the bonus for each day in a row you claim from them and both on the 5th day give you a big bonus where you can claim up to 1 Zen or 5 USD worth of Zcash in a small slot like mini game.

All you got to do is click on the names at the start, sign up, add your crypto address for each coin and verify your not a robot and press claim and it will almost instantly go to your chosen wallet.

Beside the daily bonuses you can gain a lot more by using Brave browser and linking your social accounts or with Getezen verify your wallet and HODL your Zen in that verified wallet to gain a lot more reward.

Both sites have a 4 level referral system that gain you between 20% to 2% from all claims done by all referrals done by you and your referrals and so on.


Even tho Pipeflare kinda running same system as the two above it still is changed up a lot and more added to it to get its very own section in this article.

Tho Zcash is the main crypto of this site you can also everyday claim PIVX and Dash directly to your chosen wallet with all the kind of bonuses both sites above give but here you get more bonus for getting people to sign up with your link, so the more people that join the more you are paid out every time you claim (up to 1.75x)

Pipeflare do the daily reward differently. the first 5 days in a row you gain 1.05x extra, on day 6 you gain a bonus spin and 7th will be 2x more payout. This program goes up to 4 weeks time and the 7th day will go to 2.5, t3 and then 3.5 in reward on the 4th week.

Pipeflare also have some mini games you can play and try get a highscore to take part of the 0.333 Zcash on the line every single week for the first place and smaller payouts for 300 to 2 placements.

I’ve reacently gotten an email from them where they spoke about adding Dogecoin, so maybe in the feature you will be able to claim that from Pipeflare.


Betfury is a bit different and isn’t really a faucet BUT it does allow you to claim free bitcoin every 20 mins from their free box you can put forward the goal of why i’vev added this into the article.

When you play on Betfury you gain a % in either TRX BFG or BTC BFG tokens each with their own APR staking return.

Yes you are rewarded with their own token depending on what coin depending on what coin you play for. If you play using bitcoin only you will get the BTC BFG subtoken with 350% APR that daily will reward you mostly in BTC but also TRX, USDT and BTT.

If you play using the others you get the TRX BFG subtoken which only are 20% APR but also much easier to gain.

The staking reward comes from a dividends pool that is on over 1.3 million USD at the time of writing and 3% of that pool is paid daily to token holders on the site (needs to be on the site).

So how to do things right ? Well its faster to gain the token if you go ahead and deposit crypto into the site and play for on in house games or slots games, but lets just say you can do that, you will just claim the free box every 20 mins. You can find it on the left top corner saying “Box free BTC”

I would recommend you to claim to you have around 400 to 1000 sats to play for before you go up and click on all games top left corner. You gain more from in house games which is the first row and the first 2 of second row, beside slots have a min amount you have to play for where the in house games let you play for as low as 1 sat.

I would say to play for 2 to 10 sat on each roll you do on there and would recommend doing plinko on red since you can gain a 1000x your bet on there so you technically earn money on the side if you hit it while you freely earn the token.

You will need to get atleast 10 BFG tokens to start staking, but if you do it right you will get there in no time, so just play around the site to see if you find better ways to gain the BFG token.

This site is also very nice for people who like to put money to gamble because you will quickly earn this token and start being able to play for free with all the return you gain in the end.

Betfury do like every site have its own referral system where theirs are devided in 2 kinds with same link. You earn referral earnings from Box claims and also when they buy a box with between 15 to 20%. The second part allow you to earn 15% on all bets won on in house games and 1.5% on slot games and also 5% of the users mined tokens.

Depending on your level (you gain out from how much you have played for) you gain a cashback too on top of all the other nice things you gain. This cashback is all from 2% up to 25% that you can claim from the cashback page now and then.

There is a lot to this site, but im sure you will learn about it with time and some of it is first something you can work with later on when you are higher rank.