Today i’ll bring your a new proof of stake coin called Simple Software Solutions and also known as SSS as the ticker of the coin and a shorter use of its name.

I will cover all of this coin as possible to help you understand what SSS do within the world of crypto.

SSS is a prove of stake coin and it takes use of the master node system. SSS comes with a limited supply of 14,000,000 SSS total.

The Staking War

With the new 2.0 update that ads chain scaling, better reward distribution and cold staking with the SSS validators alongside staking SSS coins to yield high returns for the early adopters of the SSS coin to boost the amount staked in cold wallet or normal staking from wallet.

Staking and Cold Staking

Like every other prove of stake coin you you can stake your coins in a wallet, pool or the use of Master nodes. With that they have also added Cold staking within the wallet like Pivx has in their wallet and somewhat works the same way as Pivx.

Fee Burning

All fee’s are burned so the more the coin is used to less supply will there be with time. There is only made 14 million coins and it will only get less with every single day that goes.

Simple Cloud

Simple cloud is a storage solution which is operating on your VPS masternode leveraging it as your very own private storage

Simple Drive

Sdrive is a decentralized storage solution which is built on hyperledger fabric blockchain, aimed at the invdividual.


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