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We at Secryptzia want to help people grow their faucet and or website and why we are doing this service. This kind of service normally costs a lot if you go to a company. We won’t take 100 dollars an hour for these services but just a one time fee depending on the service you want. All services will be paid through blockchain or ePayments


  • Meta Keyword and description research – $5
  • 1000+ backlink building – $15
  • WordPress SEO optimization $20 – $500 (depending on size)
  • Setup Adaround advertising campaign for your site – $50 (includes campaign)

Why do we give these services? Well no matter what kind your site is, every visit is a potential customer of your service, We know as a website owner our self how hard it can be to drive traffic and for that sake google search or other search engine traffic to a website.

This is very small prices compared to if you went to an SEO business that lives on making SEO for websites.

Anyway, its simple to order.

To pay in crypto, simple deposit the desired price to any of the crypto addresses on the donation page. Then send an email to admin@secryptzia.xyz with the TXID of the transfer and which services you want.

In the case of SEO optimization of WordPress please write to us first so we can check your website and come back with a price.

ePayment deposits also write us first.