I’ve started a mining pool with a friend and focusing on very low fees with high up time to make sure your mining is giving profit and wont close down. Even tho the pool is called scryptpool.xyz we still list non scrypt coins since we want to support as many coins as possible with a very low fee.

Most coins listed on the pool will only have 0.5% fee on every block so the miners will still get most of the coins from every block reward. That said most pools runs with 1 to 3% in fee.

We are working on adding a lot more coins already but we are looking into adding already known coins. Miners can request a coin by writing the support email that is listed below tho will first be added if enough users request it, beside that can a coin request a listing on the pool for 10 USD btc fee, else will we be adding more coins with time that we think would be the best right now.

We want to support as many coins as possible on the pool with a low fee and be one of the preferred pools out there for the miners.

If you aren’t sure what miner you can easy find a miner by searching name of algo and miner and GPU/CPU and miners should show up for that algo tho some of them support more then one algo like ccminer.

We can’t wait to see you join us and help us develop a future for the pool!


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