Not long ago we covered a coin called Mousecoin, this time we are looking into Ratcoin which is mostly by the same people behind the both, but still seen as two different coins that as late has gone into an alliance to work together. Ratcoin is a lot newer then Mousecoin tho Ratcoin is having a strong start being a lot more worth then Mousecoin and newer/older coins in general.

Ratcoin is a Proof of stake coin like most of the coins that i cover on my blog and social channels where i publish all my posts and so forth. The coin comes with a total supply of 90,000,000,000 coins with a POS percentage of 225%.


The wallet is easy to use and a different design from most coins that just use the standard boring wallet design that is just white and blinding when its dark outside and inside your office/room. The Ratcoin wallet is designed to give your everything you need in an easy to use menu that you can see on the image below.

They have a snapshot of the blockchain on the wallet download page so you wont have to download the whole blockchain through the wallet. You can currently only get a wallet for Windows or Raspbarry PI.


Like any proof of stake coin you can stake your coins in the wallet. Ratcoin do not come with master nodes so its all in wallet staking or the use of staking pools where the time of writing this Coinstake is the only pool supporting Ratcoin staking.


Right now the time of writing this the coin is going for 0.00036000 doge per Ratcoin but the price have seen a good growth so no matter what price you buy at you could see a good investment just from a small Dogecoin investment.

You see the most trade at the moment at Nanu exchange which is a recent listing and most traded coin on there with almost 140,000 Dogecoin volume.


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