Short answer is yes its worth it, but that’s no fun for me so i will go a bit more in depth what Nimiq is and what makes it so worth it in the end. Just a short introduction to Nimiq. Nimiq is a browser based POW coin that is both quick to send and use. Nimiq is a censorship free altcoin.

Nimiq aim to be an all out browser based currency with its browser wallet that also goes as an account for all its official services like browser miner and so on. Even tho its a browser based altcoin you can still CPU and GPU mining using Nimiq pools and directly to your wallet no matter if its the official wallet or any other wallet that support Nimiq.

Nimiq comes with a lot of official and community made apps all from faucets to twitch donation modules and so on as well as an official store from the Nimiq team where you can use your Nimiq to buy merch from Nimiq.

Mining is well rewarding per share so if you have a system you can use for mining 24/7 you can earn a lot of Nimiq with no work at all. but if not you can always do faucets to earn Nimiq or use their Nimiq URL shortner to earn Nimiq from sharing links to things or even even monitize your traffic with the Nimiq miner.

In case you can’t mine you can always do to start earning Nimiq from doing offerwall or PTC ads and only takes a phone or a PC to do.

You can buy and sell Nimiq on a lot of different known exchanges like KuCoin and LAToken and have a daily trade around the $100,000 and even been up on almost 2 million a day back in July of 2019.

Over all Nimiq focus on making using money online a lot easier no matter if its paying for goods or donating money or even receiving money and as well making things secure.

Get started:

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