Today we will be covering another prove of stake coin that also is a bit different then most prove of stake coins out there. Mousecoin is a bit different from other coins in a lot of ways, first of all the coin comes with a 92 trillion max supply with a block time of 2.1 minutes. Mousecoin was POW/POS to block 92k and then changed into prove of stake only from there.

Mousecoin take use of the bitcoin protocol running on SHA256. If you want to stake you would need to stake around 1 billion mousecoins to have a somewhat stable staking tho its not required if you are willing to wait a bit longer for a stake to happen or you can take use of staking pools that we will include in this post longer down.

The Mousecoin wallet so far only comes for Windows and Raspberry Pi, but there is also given the latest snapshot that is updated now and then so you do not have to sync a very long time to get started, you can see the windows wallet on the image below.

Mousecoin also have a membership program you can sign up for on their website and earn more Mousecoin just for following their social channels and its paid monthly to the chosen Mousecoin wallet on signup. Mousecoin really do a lot to reward its community with this and also random airdrops on discord, twitter and other social networks where you can get up to 1 million mousecoin at a time.

At the time of writing this post Mousecoin is worth around 1 sat per coin so in the end the more you get the more money you get since if you reach a good amount of coins the amount of sats grow as well and what if the coin was to grow in price later on?


Other Sites


So what you waiting for? get started by clicking any of the links above and perhaps buy some coins to stake in wallet or on the staking pool.


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