Most of you have heard about Localbitcoin that is a p2p marketplace to sell and buy bitcoin. But as late Localbitcoin has been hit heavily with local laws and had to compliant to the laws of their own country that have removed anonymous cash trading from the site with KYC and AML laws.

All this has hit Localbitcoin very hard and LocalEthereum made it into a PR. LocalEthereum decided to change the name to Localcrypto and add bitcoin p2p trades and plan to add a lot more tokens from ETH in the future.

If you haven’t guessed yet Localethereum or well Localcrypto as it’s known as now is a p2p exchange just with all the cash trades and more that Localbitcoin had to remove with all the regulations from its local country.

Localcrypto so far only supports ETH and BTC but as I said they plan on adding ETH tokens for the future, but they support everything from cash in-person to bank transfer trades. There are also stats on how many trades and for how much money they have traded and feedback from other users that bought from them or sold to them either way so it’s easy to find a trustworthy trader on Localcrypto.


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