Because of the price going up the weekly top 5 will only gain 0.1 KMD after the 25th jan


Last Weeks Winners
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If you want to support this faucet you can help fill it with KMD to this address: ARUE3eL6SZm9Vr3MtJKUx89zdGSPp5LaVyp

At this point we sadly can't show you who are the top 5 claimer of the week as yet, but we are working hard on adding it to the site somehow. We will keep rewawrding weekly top 5 every monday with 0.5 KMD and if all of them have claimed max amount every week everyone who claimed max amount will be rewared with 0.5 KMD if there is more then 5 that have done max claims every week.

Also now that i have your attention please report if you have any shortlink errors to Caltv93 on expresscrypto and tell me the latest shortlink you have done so i better can find the shortlink that is causing problems and remove it and replace it with a new one. I will also keep trying to find more shortlinks that are paying so i can give you a lot more claims every day and hoping to be able to add in claims that can fill a whole day.

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
EC-UserId-18124497587 satoshi2021-01-25 06:40:01
EC-UserId-16916297587 satoshi2021-01-25 06:38:35
EC-UserId-1184297587 satoshi2021-01-25 06:36:04
EC-UserId-17549697429 satoshi2021-01-25 06:35:23
EC-UserId-21719697429 satoshi2021-01-25 06:34:02
EC-UserId-20859497429 satoshi2021-01-25 06:30:51
EC-UserId-13493597240 satoshi2021-01-25 06:27:37
EC-UserId-20859496851 satoshi2021-01-25 06:25:07
EC-UserId-13493596851 satoshi2021-01-25 06:20:30
EC-UserId-13493597138 satoshi2021-01-25 06:14:20