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Kids in School

Here at Secryptzia we know how important school is to have a some what better life, we also know that a lot of people can’t afford to put their kids to school and that means a lot of kids do not get an education and will live without much when they grow up like their parents.

We believe that helping kids to get an education can help a lot so more kids can get a better job that pay enough for them to live a good life and put their kids to school too in the future.

We know that this might not fix all of the problems, but it surely will help a lot compared to do nothing. Education is a big factor when it comes to getting a much better paid job than having a job that doesn’t take any education.

Now we will do our best job to work with charities that work with this kind of things and on the same time put 50% of all our income into helping it, that means that all banner earnings, donations and so forth will give 50% forward this project.

We are also looking for partners in this that want to help, but do not need to put any work into it at all, but a small contribution that goes uncut forward this, we will also add the partners logo and website to this page as a thanks.

partner requests can be posted at admin@secryptzia.xyz