First, it’s not Coinbase and second, this post isn’t sponsored, I just like this site and what it is doing. This company is doing it right and how I wish Coinbase would do it. Even tho the site is very new and still working on spreading its wings I think they could go somewhere great with this project.

So let me introduce to you Polehin, its a huge cloud wallet supporting a lot more coins and tokens compared to Coinbase. Tho not all coins at the time of writing can receive all of the coins, its mostly just ETH and its token that have addresses and bitcoin at this time but will be added for the rest in later updates.

Even tho you can’t receive yet you can still buy bitcoin and exchange it to most of the coins and send it out to other wallets on the blockchain. Polehin supports the same coins as Coinbase and a lot more besides that and up to 70+ different coins and tokens.

Compared to Coinbase there is no KYC as far I can see at this time when you need to buy bitcoin with your credit or debit card and besides that, they give you an affiliate of 40 to 80% if you got 1 BTC or more in your wallet. All affiliate commission is done in real-time when transactions take place.

So this site is a good place to get people to join now before they get too big and people already joined and its harder to get people to join. That said Coinbase only gives 10 USD BTC if they buy or sell crypto for 100 USD. Here you got lifetime commission on transactions.

You can also set up security with email verification when you make transactions (email with a code) and even make the system change your wallet address for every incoming transaction on your bitcoin wallet.

Like any website that has a service they also have a mobile version both in google play and IOS store. You can also install the APK without using google play if you somehow can’t use that so you can just go to the website and click the download link from there and install the APK.

Polehin can be used in 195 countries already and have about 250.000 users on the site already, so now is the time to join!


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