So today i will explain a bit of a new site i found a week or so ago that let you build your own social link building of a sort with all your referral links. At this time i believe that this site has the most listed sites and referral links in the world.

So how can it gain you more referral signups to use this site? well its simple, its a big database where you build your own list of links with your own profile that people can follow if they like the link you share with them and you can follow other people too if you wanna find new sites you wanna use.

Using Invitation is not only a good way to gain signups but also a good way to find new sites you never seen before. Tho not all the sites posted a crypto related there still are a ton of crypto websites listed on the site.

For website owners

If you want an easy way to have a list showing on your website then this is a good way for you to get that done so you just have to post your link one place and when approved by the site it will automaticly be added to your lisst you have added to your website.

You can see an example right here

You can find the code on the website and is just an easy code to add to your website.

Earn your Premium

Like every site they will need an income to be running and they do that with their upgraded account functions that givve you more reposting every month, a verified badge and much more.

Tho as a new person you can earn site credits adding to the site and doing the tasks given by the site so you can get one year for free of the Turbo plan.

By using my link i will give you the first $20 forward this and if you invite new users you get $20 too, and when invited 5 users you gain an extra bonus of $50 but only for the first 5.

When you reach $80 you can get the yearly plan of Turbo account with 5 reposts monthly so your link get first shown. (standard accounts only have 1 monthly)

Easy to post

Its very easy to post new links, its like social sites, you have a quick menu to start posting and you can just search the company name and click it and add your link after and if not added yet you can be the first one to add the company and your link first.

Browser Plugin

They have a browser plugin that will help you when you find new sites, this plugin will light up if there is a promotion for the current site you are on and good for people who are hunting extra monoey that needs signups.

Its very easy to install and be found on the website.

So why wait? Click Here to signup and get $20


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