One thing is see very often working around the web is people that get their accounts hacked, mainly this happens because of poor account security from the users site and today i will try to explain how you can top your account security on all of your accounts.

First of its very important to clean your computer for all sort of virus and malware’s and I’ve experienced a lot of different kind of software’s for that and truly only found one that does the job and to a much cheaper yearly price then a lot of the bigger once that cost over 100 USD a year to have. I would recommend using Malwarebytes, they have made a software that does all the same as the others and much more beside that and find a lot more than much more expensive antivirus software’s and to half the price.

Securing your account

So now that we have made sure that you are virus free we have to secure your account a lot more. Most sites recommend min 6 characters and some even give an max amount which is kinda sad. Always deal with long passwords that is randomized and do not include personal information like name, last name or phone number.

Always use big and small characters, numbers and special characters ($£€$<>[]€) and mix them all up very good. The more you mix it up the harder it is to guess for the person trying to get into your account.

Other things will be to enable google authenticator or other 2FA apps if the site allow it. Even tho you have to do a little more work to get into your account you still made it a lot harder for the hackers and phishers to get into your account because they do not have the extra code needed to enter your website.

Other forms for extra security like email confirming changes, transactions or even getting an sms from the site with a code to enter is also a very helpful way to secure your account from eg, changes to your account or getting funds stolen if its a website like coinbase or a faucet that allow this kind of security.

Never use same password again and again since you risk to lose everything if one site get compromised.

Don’t download illegal things

One way to stop getting virus is downloading from sites to get free games, music and so on. The people uploading the files can have added a hidden virus that can steal your passwords and logins to sites so only do it on your own risk, but i would say don’t do it at all and buy your music or use streaming services and for sure buy your games and support the artist and developers, you can often get all of it on sale.

biggest reason for people getting virus is clicking links they do not know or downloading games and music the illegal way.

Don’t give out login details to others

Never give out your login information to others or private keys or more for wallets. There is always scammers that try to steal that information by acting like a staff member in telegram or other chat services. “staff members” asking for private keys, words or passwords are scammers and not real staff members of the service you are using since they will never ask for it because they have the power to see things from their admin panel or so on and wont need these information’s to help you.

Do not save passwords or keys online

I would recommend you to never store these information on anything else than paper, but if you want it somewhere you can access it you can always make a file on a USB stick with all the information, but never upload it to a cloud server or web server since they both can be hacked and web servers will be putting it out as readable for everyone to see

If you are not sure how to secure your account with a site, please ask the staff of the site to help you out and point you in directions through their official support channels away from the public.


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