So this post will tell you a litte about the ZEN faucet that is official made by the ZEN team and how you can max out the claim every time you claim on the faucet. You have a chance to win up to 1 ZEN every week or everytime someone sign up with your link and verify his/her email.

As i said this faucet is made by the zen team and pays instantly to your Zen wallet every 20 hours you claim. If you do not have a zen wallet you can download the Guarda desktop or mobile wallet since they support Zen.

All you need to do on getzen is to put in your address and solve the captcha and press claim and it will send you the standard amount plus the multiplier. The miltiplier grows if you claim everyday and reset when you claimed the 2 times multiplier and goes back up when you claim the day after. When you have claimed the 1.8 multiplier you get a bonus round where you can win up to 1 zen so you have a chance to get a zen every week.

Getzen also have a affiliate program, tho its not paying you a % of every claim it just gives you a bonus round for every signed up you get that verify their email they signed up with, so that said if you get 100 people to join with your link and they all verify their email you get 100 chances to win one zen tho min 0.0025 zen so you would min get 0.25 zen for those 100 people and that is still a good amount of zen and a very rewarding affiliate program.

Why stop there? Getzen have a bonus page where you can get up to 2 times the claim just by linking social accounts.

With Getzen you can link your facebook, twitter and linkin account and you will have 2x multiplier all the time plus the extra multiplier the site normally gives. this is how you can max out your earnings from this faucet on every claim. Its really this simple so why not sign up to Getzen and verify your email and start claiming and gain some signups ?


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