So this is how im mostly filling my stakecube wallets for free without really putting much money into it. You will first of cause have to sign up for stakecube if you havn’t already and fill it with the different coins so you can earn interest and staking from your crypto!

Faucet crypto

Faucet Crypto is an easy faucet to get some of the coins that is supported by Stakecube and is also instant withdrawal to any wallet of the crypto coin. Faucet crypto let you earn from faucet, shortlinks and offerwall as well as achivements. It supports ESBC and RDD that Stakecube also support.


Althub is also a very easy faucet to use with high rewards from faucet and shortlinks. Althub support the same coins as stakecube PIVX, Stratis, Reddcoin and Syscoin and is useally either instant or max 48 hours to withdraw depending on the coin.

Dutchycorp Auto Faucet

Dutchycorp is an auto faucet taht let you earn points you can use forward claiming or instant exchange the points or deposited coins into the supported coins in form of RDD and Stratis, even tho dutchycorp support in all 41 coins is only 2 of them supported by stakecube staking.

TRBO Faucet

This faucet supports TRBO and bean cash from stakecube and is also supporting some others with more to come and can only be claimed every 24 hourstho well paying every 24 hours.

TRBO Faucet 2

This is a TRBo faucet only and is 12 hours claim time and actually pay the most out of both TRBO faucets in this article

RPD Telegram group

This is the telegram group with their own RPD tipbot if you aren’t sure how to get started please ask them in the group and one of them will help you. Tho i would recommend not to beg a d follow the rules of the group so you wont get banned. Just stay active and have your tipbot account setup and you will get free rains while you talk with other fans of RPD.

Stakecube do also have some faucets made by them and their community where you also can claim an amount of different coins every 24 hours, you can find it in the community section of Stakecube.

You can also use the exchange on Stakecube and buy all the different coins supported with Bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin and some others if you want to do that way to start staking. I’ve honestly exchanged a lot of BTC into Rapids this way.


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