So yea, beside staking mousecoin you can always get free mousecoin every month directly from the mousecoin community just signing up for their website. Now you got to do it in a special way since its not just the normal signup form that you normally use on a website.

This post will help you sign up for the community reward program of Mousecoin and give you an alternative wallet to use for staking just in case you do it all from a mobile device.

Alternative wallet

The wallet you can use instead of the computer wallet is Coinstake that is current the only staking pool out for Mousecoin at the time of writing this post. Coinstake let you deposit your coins to an address that is generated for your account only and let you stake any amount of coins all the time. Beside that Coinstake comes with a faucet where you can claim more Mousecoin every hour.

Mousecoin Reward programme

So Mousecoin rewards its users every month with 25k Mousecoin per social account you follow and you give all that information on your signup for the community page.

First you will need to go to to start the signup of your account for the rewards. All the links to their socials will be on the page too before you get to the signup form.

When you have followed the social channels you can and have accounts for you just need to fill out the form with what its asking you for to verify you following the channels.

Below that there is a referral section and it would be helping me out a lot if you add me as your referral with the information below.

Username: cal_tv93

MIC3: Mk2aDpkvvtm3ouw3QMRWpvcA5sn3QWVjgc

This will simply give me a one time reward for getting you to sign up for the program and helping the Mousecoin community grow.

Now there is just to wait and watch the mousecoin come in every month without having to do anything while also seeing the stakes happening on Coinstake. You can later on change the address when you login to the community page where you also can edit all other information about you and the channels you follow.


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