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How to Earn

To get started with earning you just need to either find a site or multiple and start claiming from the faucets, or you can get started with doing the offerwall, I will ofc tell you how to find it and navigate the pages.


First, you need to go to the menu on the right side of the site and find the link icon that also is number 4 from the bottom and up.

Click on it and you will get to a new page where there is tables of each coin that link all sites that pay to EC using our API. As standard it only show 10 sites at a time but you can change that with a dropdown or just use the navigation under the table to get to next page.

To have tables show you need to make sure that the arrow on each coin is pointing down and it will show the table for you.

That’s it, now you just need to find the sites you want to use and press visit site and then have your user id ready that you can find in your dashboard right under your XP bar looking like this: EC-UserId-xxxx


Offerwall is the only part here that is direct earnings on EC and you can find the page for offerwall on the 5th icon from the bottom and up. Here you will find 11 different ways to earn from offerwall, just click on one of them and get started.

The offerwall pay in EXS or EXG. To know more about what they are please check our guide on them.