So this is well guess you can say a guide on how to buy Nimiq the easy way if you ask me. I know there is other ways to do this, but to be fair this will get you Nimiq to the best rate possible.

You will need a few things like a place to buy bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum tho i would recommend to get either litecoin or ethereum since it will make the process faster to get your Nimiq because with Bitcoin it can take a few hours to reach and get your the Nimiq. You will also need a place to get your Nimiq no matter if its Trustwallet or Nimiq’s wallet.

1# Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum

Well as i wrote earlier you will need to buy either of those coins so we can use it to buy Nimiq with the next point of this post where we will buy the Nimiq. I will go step by step so you do not have to think too much.

2# Go to Changelly

So now that you have your other coins you need to go to Changelly to get started. Here you will have to set the coin you want to pay with in the first drop down menu and after that Nimiq in the second menu. Have in mind every coin have a min exchange amount.

When you have done all that you will press exchange and you will get to the second page of the exchange, on this page you will need to give them your Nimiq Address where you want them to send the amount to.

Click next step and you should get to a confirmation page and just click confirm and than you should come to the very last page which is the payment page where they give you an address and a QR code to use to send your payment to. Remember to send the amount you told you would. Now there is just to wait for the exchange to happen and you wont have to do much more than that and you can do the same thing with Changelly with a lot of other coins.

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