You may already know about this site but if not well keep on reading this post to learn a lot more about this multi use website that allow you to do a lot more than faucet claiming and staking in one place.

BTCPop is a multi use site as i said supporting a lot more than faucet claiming and coin staking. BTCPop allow you to exchange all the coins you claim into BTC and also buy the coins if you want to deposit BTC to buy a ton of coins for staking on their site.

The exchange is fully p2p so you exchange with other users and not the site.

BTCPop also have a bond/lending platform where people who have passed KYC can request a loan or bond that is invested in by other users, so if you are into lending you could earn a bit more from lending your bitcoin to other users or just get a loan for your business idea or if you need your car repaired but do not have full funding to do so and want to pay it our over time instead.

Maxing out staking on BTCPop

So now the question on how i’m maxing out staking on BTCPop? well its rather easy, i found my self a coin i like to claim on the faucet that pay out a good amount per claim and also have somewhat a good value. I’n this case i’m claiming 404 coin since its paying 140 per claim.

Beside that all the coins that BTCPop support for staking i claim from other sites or buy i deposit to BTCPop so it can be used on the staking so i always will earn a lot more of that coin that i can later sell on the site or take out and sell somewhere else.

Yes its really that simple and you really do not have to do much more and is so casual and easy to earn more even tho is cents, but every cent can turn into a dollar. If you want to earn a lot more you can also go for the referral program and earn commission on both faucet claims and repaid loans.

If you want to join just click any of the BTCPop links in this post and you will be redirected to their website.


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