Today i will share with you a company that pay you for sharing your spare bandwidth you do not use on your computer and phone and other devices without you have to do a lot of work beside installing a software that will do the rest for you.

You can with Honeygain easy gain up to $100 a month using this system just for being on your PC or other devices and you really do not have to do much else then sign up with them and install the software and apps on all your devices and let it work for you.

So far i know right now Honeygain only pay out to paypal but it doesn’t really matter in the end since a lot of people do have a paypal and its “free” money for doing nothing at all to gain the money.

They have a $5 signup bonus for everyone who signup to their site using a affiliate link that you can find in any of the names in this post.

From the Honeygain dashboard you can follow all of your devices and how much each earn you as well as total bandwidth shared in total and per device you have running with the apps.

This post is a bit shorter then normally, but really wanted to share this with you all to give you the chance to earn money doing nothing at all!


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