Well the title says it self, but i feel the need to write this since that everyday a lot of people do get scammed in all different ways. I’ve seen a lot of different ways that scammers use and it doesn’t seem to be changing much over time.

There is some main channels that scammers use to take contact in some way with his/her victim.

  • Website
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

I will go over every single one of them and how they use each place to take people into scams and what ways that are used.


These scam sites comes in a lot of different ways and shapes. the main scam here is investing sites and cloud mining sites. Just have in mind that not all cloud mining sites are scams and is a good way to compare a legit site like hashflare.io to the once you find. On cloud mining you can avoid getting on a scam site by comparing the pricing and the amount of hashes you get from the price. Lets take an eg. a lot of scam sites sell 10,000 GH/s for 10 USD, but if you take hashflare it would cost you 6000 USD.

Investing sites not cloud mining is full out scams, i’ve yet to see a site that actually is legit and i would recommend 100% to stay away from those kind of sites because there is no way you can get 1% daily or what ever insane % they promise you and on the same time make profit as a site owner.


Discord scams happens when you get contacted by a random user on PM that have joined one of your crypto based discords like a coin or a Dapp and even faucets discords. These scammers comes with a lot of different ways, like a giveaway where you have won a big amount of crypto or someone asking you to help withdraw crypto from an unknown exchange, but need a deposit to get them out and they promise half of the money in the exchange when you get them out.

There is also people asking for you to get into mining and much more, but i will recommend to ignore these people and report it to the admins of the discord and well if you want to do like me, waste the scammers time.


I’ve actually not seen too many on twitter yet, tho there is some now and then that make spam groups of a lot of people and share scam information hoping people will join so they can scam people. Just report the group so twitter can take care of the scammers.


Facebook is so far the most spammed place for scammers. I’m moderator for a blockchain group and we have well over 40k posts to view where 99% of them is scam instead of the informational posts about crypto and blockchain that we want.

Just in a whole all these groups that doesn’t moderate the posts before they get on the group is only full of bots posting all their scams in all different ways, so i will recommend to try stay away from non moderated groups so you know you only will get the information you want on your facebook news feed.

I personally hope that this post have woken you up to how much scam there is out there and how you can stay away from it. So please for the love of god do not lose your money on scams but instead invest them into long term HODl.

If you think i did well please share this post with your friends in the crypto world.


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