So now that bitcoin is way down the drain its a good time to buy bitcoin for a long term Hodl, but the question is really where to start with buying bitcoin or other crypto with your money.

We will in this post give you some of those exchanges and try to explain a little about these exchanges for you so you also have an understanding on what you are about to sign up for.


Most people already know what coinbase is. We are including Coinbase because if the instant selling and buying with your own credit/debit card and the fact they allow you to withdraw your fiat to paypal or to your bank account. Coinbase now support instant buying and selling with 20 different coins and tokens and that is including stable coins like DAI and USDC.


Kraken is an exchange that mostly deal with crypto and fiat trading tho it has a few crypto to crypto pairs that you can use, beside that you will be able to trade a ton of different crypto with the pairs USD, CAD, EUR and GBP.


ChangeNow is an instant exchange and one of the newer on the market but it doesn’t only allow you to exchange using crypto but also buying any of the many crypto they support with your credit/debit card and is fairly easy to get done with no KYC or anything else beside your card information and your receiving address.


Like ChangeNow, Changelly is also an instant no KYC exchange that also allow you to buy crypto with your card and also only need your card information and receiving address and is also very easy, but have in mind that these two instant exchanges support different coins and tokens that the other might not have yet.


Liquid exchange is a bit different since its a mix of Kraken and ChangeNow. Beside a ton of crypto it also support 10 different fiats all from USD to Chinese Yen and so forth. Here you can choose between using their quick exchange which works like an instant exchange where you do the exchange with Liquid or you can choose between 4 different trading ways with up to 100x leverage trading.

You can go to the sites by clicking the names of the exchange and you will be redirected to the exchange where you can sign up or start exchanging right away.

We do hope that this could help you find your way to good places to exchange your crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto and we would love if you would share this post to twitter or other social networks.


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