So a lot of people are hunting a way to earn more crypto but sadly a lot of them fall for scam sites and put money into them and end up losing a lot of money instead of gaining money, but today we will look into Coinloan and why you should put your investments into this company.

Coinloan is a peer to peer crypto and fiat loan platform with no limits, you will as a borrower have to put in the asked collateral for the loan to borrow money or other crypto so this means you can still keep your crypto while borrowing a different crypto or fiat currency until you have paid back fully what you borrowed from the lender.

For the lender on Coinloans you can choose what ever you want to lend of fiat or crypto and what you want as collateral in case that the borrower can’t pay back the borrowed amount. You are in charge of the lending with this said you can set the interest rate and period from min to max all from days to years and how you want to be repaid the borrowed money from the borrower.

If you do not want to lend out money on Coinloan you can also just join their interest program that pay you a daily interest of what you have in your wallet on the site as a thanks for lending the money to Coinloan and their operations. This supports 8 different coins atm all from bitcoin to USDT so you can always earn that bit more from the site.

The site for lending offers 13 different coins all from Bitcoin to USDT, EUROS and DAI and they also support 4 different fiats which are USD, GBP, EUR and RUB that is all used for the lending platform to deposit and or withdrawing money and crypto.

The site also come with an exchange where you can exchange Where you can change all the supported coins into others to what seems like a no fee instant exchange if you need a different fiat or crypto for lending or borrowing on Coinloans platform.


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