Dutchycorp is one of the best multi coin faucets out there to be very fair. Dutchycorp allow you to claim up to 40+ different coins and tokens with some allowed to micro wallets and even coinbase but the rest for blockchain.

How does it work?

The way Dutchycorp works is very simple compared to a lot of faucets and much easier to work with. All you need to do is claim Dutchy claim tokens from watching shortner links, claim from the token faucet, offerwall or PTC ads.

All these things will be put forward your claim balance, so when you have earned some you can go to the main page and and select the coins you want to claim and set to balance to get max from it and then start the auto claiming. Have in mind the more coins you select the more tokens it takes from your balance, also some coins or tokens take even more claim tokens then some, eg like bitcoin.

I have earned enough tokens with one survey to claim 18 coins and tokens for 29 hours, have in mind these coins and tokens are something im interested in and not what i can only claim.

Dutchycorps are really easy to work with and there is almost no problems to run into and its all automated in the end when you withdraw to the blockchain it sends it right away.

Remember before requesting a withdrawal to add your addresses or ID’s or emails for the different withdrawal solutions so you can withdraw on blockchain, coinbase or a microwallet.

Dutchycorp is not filled with a lot of popads or ads blocking half your screen, just very simple ads in the sides of the website to keep it running and more coins to be added.

When signed up on Dutchycorp have a look around, you might find something interesting like new faucets, shortner services, ads and more with all this lists of sites he test for paying.

Thanks for reading the post on Dutchycorp, we have setup an instant exchange where you can support us by using the secure, fast and instant exchange at https://exchange.secryptzia.xyz/


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