So today we will go over the auto faucet Dutchycorp that let you claim up to 43 different coins and tokens every 2 to 10 minutes and later withdraw to any wallet you want. I’ve been using this faucet for a while now and use it a lot to get prove of stake coins like VET and REDD.

Using Dutchycorp is very simple, you collect Dutchy tokens (just a site token and not trade able beside on site) by doing simple tasks like a shortlink, PTC, offerwalls or even a roll game as well as doing social jobs like leaving a review and so forth to gain a lot more tokens.

You can see the amount of tokens per satoshi BTC in the top of the site that also change after the price of bitcoin.

Then you might think i have to work to get money? well honestly its almost no work and very easy to get these tokens for very simple tasks and as soon as you have tokens you can start the auto faucet with the coins and/or the tokens you want to collect and it will automatically claim every 2 minutes by default to you run out of Dutchy tokens.

Not only that does the site come with a full blown deposit system for most of the coins and you can exchange coins in to what ever. You will have to pay 5% for the exchanges tho there is no withdrawal fee what so ever so if you can live with 5% and almost instant withdrawal for most of the coins that is set up to withdraw automatically then its a perfect way for you to exchange without having to do KYC.


You can withdraw your money on all sort of ways depending on whats available for each coin. Not only can you withdraw all the coins to a normal blockchain wallet, but you can also use any of the micro wallet services like expresscrypto, Faucetpay and KSwallet as well using your Coinbase email to get it paid directly to your coinbase account.

Depending on the coin you want to withdraw and what service you want to use for withdrawal you will be shown a bar that show how full that coin is for that specific wallet on Dutchycorp and of cause if its empty you will need to wait a little for it to be refilled since balances are refilled all the time tho wont happen right away since things take time.


For every task and so forth you gain an amount of XP and of cause the more worth the task was the more XP you gain for doing it. This will help you to be able to claim more coins at a time the higher level you are as well as adding a bonus % to your claims. I’m currently level 29 and i get a bonus of 5.6% per claim more on top and if you claim to balance instead of a micro wallet you get an other 10%.

If you want to know all the coins of Dutchycorps faucet please just check the image above since its all the coins and the current moment of writing this post and can later change with new or coins being removed because not being claimed enough.

You are always welcome to write in the on site chat box if you got a question or if you just wanna talk with people and for once in your life be a little social cough. If you lucky enough you will be hit by rains that seems to be happening quiet often.

There isn’t a lot of annoying ads so its all seamless and easy to use for all platforms even if you use a mobile device.


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