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Deposit /withdrawal

This page will explain a bit about deopists and withdrawing to and from EC.


First let’s look at deposits, there is really not a lot to the process then copy paste work. Click the menu second to the top and there will open up an under menu where you click on deposit.

If you haven’t already please generate the address of the coin you want to deposit to the site. When that’s done make sure that the amount you are about to deposit is higher than the minimum deposit amount in this eg bitcoin is min 0.0002 BTC.

Now see the image below on a button that you can press to copy the wallet address but if it doesn’t work you can still copy-paste the old way using mouse even tho it looks like it won’t allow you.

Now you just put the information in the bar of the other wallet you deposit form and then wait to its been confirmed on the blockchain for it to show in your wallet.


This is a little more work then depositing to the site, first you need to find the same menu point but instead of pressing deposit you press withdraw. Now this page isn’t the page where you withdraw but where you set the wallets you want to withdraw to.

Its very simple just paste the wallet in the bar of the coin and press link Address and its all done and ready to go.

Now you need to go back to your dashboard and find the coin you want to withdraw, in this case, I will use bitcoin. When you found the coin click balance.

You will now be on a new page where it already filled bitcoin address, method and amount so all you need to do is press Submit Withdraw if your wallet has the min amount for withdrawal.

Now check your email to confirm your request, if not confirmed within 60 minutes it will be returned to your wallet.

Now there is just to wait. all withdrawals are done every day, but can in some cases take up to 48 hours and you should contact a team member or check if it been returned to your wallet after the 48 hours