I’ve tried a few of the mining company’s like Minergate and so on, but today we will look into something different, well not really that different but still doing it right and better than most software’s alike I’ve tried trough my time working with crypto and mining in a whole.

Cudominer is a whole new level of mining software and pool/pools. Not only is it for people who want to start mining using your computer but they also have software and OS builds for people who mine using mining rigs or have mining farms.

The software let you remote mine or locally mine so you got all the options for what you want to do, in the end will this miner just make your life a lot easier when it comes to manage mining and all your miners if you are a rig/mining farm that has a lot of hardware to have control over.

Cudominer comes with a very good overview of your earnings and devices and what gets mined and what has been mined. That said, you can use the smart miner to do the calculation of what should be mined at the time to max our your profits no matter if its Ravencoin or Ethereum.

Now what if you just want one of all the coins? Well Cudominer let you set what coin you want in your dashboard and it will then automatically exchange the coins to the one you want paid out.

With Cudominer the more you mine the more you earn, then you might think, ” Yes ofc the longer you mine the more coin you get” well yea i know, but it wasn’t what i was thinking on. Cudominer has a Tier based miner fee, meaning the more you mine the lower fee will you have to pay Cudominer all calculated from the last 30 days mining.

Cudominer referrals program is a bit different, for every person you directly get to join Cudominer and mine 5000 satoshi worth or equivalent to the exchange rate of other coins you will get 10,000 satoshi paid to your account.

Tho its just a one time payment for getting one to join its still a lot in the end if you get 10 people to join or even 100.

So what you waiting for? why not join now?


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