So today I will go around some scripts from the internet that you can use to start a business or faucet, tho not in a free way, so you will have to pay a bit, but don’t worry, there will be scripts and apps in all sorts of prices so there is something for evberyone.

Faucet Game Script – $129 + addons

FGS is a full out faucet script with a lot more to it than just a faucet script. FGS is build to support faucet, games, offerwall and much more tho anything besides the faucet will be needed to buy on the side with 6 addons right now and more to come in the future. There is a good support and you can get the creator to install it for you if you can’t do it your self. You get updates for free as long the project is alive.

With the script you also get a lot of bonuses like 15,000 PTC views and 20+ different themes you can change from the admin panel so you can get the look you want unless you want to make your own theme.

Supports KSwallet and Expresscrypto with coinbase and coinpayments coming later.

If you want to buy FGS, please tell him that multicoinhub,com referred you to them and you will support us that way.

MidFaucet – Crypto Earning Faucet PHP Script $34

This script is a faucet script that has a faucet and PTC system as well as a short link viewing system. It supports direct payments so you won’t need to use a micro wallet. Coinpayments are the wallet used to get payments for PTC. You can change the script code and some things in the admin panel to support the coin or token that you want to build the faucet on. Last i heard the creator wants to do so it supports more than just one coin at a time in a future update of the script so this could be your move to a multi-coin faucet later on.

CryptoConverter PHP Script – $15

This is just a simple script that lets people convert the prices of crypto. It’s just to set it up and smack on some banner ads and your crypto addresses to get donations from users and you are all set.

CryptoWallet – Crypto Tracker Android Template – $5

This requires that you got some android studio knowledge since this is just a nice looking template for an idea. It’s a crypto tracker template so you just need to add the rest like ads and all that and upload it to google play and so on and you got your business on hand for people who want to track all their crypto in one place.

CryptoMarket – Crypto P2P Trading Platform – $99

Ever wanted to start a site like localbitcoin, tho supporting Litecoin, and Dogecoin as well? Well now is your chance with this nice script. tho this will cost you a little its still a good system that is easy to set up with your server, it comes with everything you need to drive such a site and you will be able to see everything from the items page.

NextGen – Crypto Exchange Pro PHP Script – $249

Running on coinpayments API you can start your own exchange with no problems at all. You can make any pairs with this system you want and you can set up as many coins pairs you want with this script. It comes with KYC support and everything you need to run an exchange. Tho this takes you to use a VPS and won’t be running on a shared hosting account. This is surely the best way to start an exchange with you aren’t too good with coding and so on that usually comes with most exchange scripts.

Crypto Digital Downloads PHP Script – $19

This script will let you sell downloadable products automated. Using API service it will be known when you have gotten the payment and after let the customer download the product he/she just paid for. It will let you get payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Manual Crypto Faucets List PHP Script – $19

Now you can start your very own faucet list without the biggest amount of work. This script lets you add all the faucets you want with no limits to a micro wallet. It should be easy to add more coins from the code. It’s just to install and slap on some banners and add faucets and it’s ready to go.

I hope this has helped you on the way to start a business you always wanted to start. If you know of other cool scripts with haven’t added to the list please tell us in the comments below and we will look into it and get it added to this list.


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