Just like our last post this one will include places that give you free crypto as well as the name and about the website and service. Again links will be in the Names or headers titles in the post. We have tested all these sites and know they are paying well and have withdrawn a lot before we made this post.


Dutchcorp is a well known auto faucet within the faucet community that both support Express Crypto and Faucetpay, but beside that allowing to withdraw to blockchain or Coinbase beside those micro wallets.

All you need to do is sign up and do some tasks like short links or offerwall to earn Dutchy tokens that you either can exchange to a crypto or get more by using the auto faucet to claim the chosen Crypto coins and tokens and get 10% extra on every claim.

You can also deposit some of the supported coins and exchange to other crypto coins or tokens on the site, but be aware there is a 5% exchange fee on top of that a 2% deposit fee you will have to pay on the side when you deposit.

Dutchy often have chat rains and many ways to earn more crypto that is easy to find on the site when you are logged in.


Name kinda says what kind of faucet site this is. This faucet let you withdraw in 16 different coins and tokens. You can claim the faucet every 30 minutes and the amount you claim will be bigger the higher level you are and beside that you can do short links to earn more every day.

10,000 of their token isabout $1 US, but to be fair when you claim everyday every token you get ads up to good amounts with time.


This site is also a nice and well known faucet within Faucetpay and Expresscrypto. This site works kinda like Althub tho have a lot more functions and things to do to earn a lot more. Here 3 of their token is about 1 sat, but this can change depending on the price of Bitcoin.

Here you can claim from faucets, do short links, PTC or offerwall to start earning more and here level have a big role, the higher level the more you earn extra on everything and ofc there is achivements that either pay out their token or more XP forward your level.

You can right now withdraw in 18 different coins and tokens on the site where they remove and add new once every once in a while to the withdraw section so there is always a new coin to get hold of.


Even tho this really isn’t a faucet, but a staking pool it still have premium and community faucets where you can claim free staking coins and bitcoin. If you want to know a lot more about stakecube please see our guide how to use it here.


This is not just one faucet but a whole line of faucets by the same owner. With 200k+ members on all of the sites you can surely trust this. Its very simple, every hour you have a chance to win $300 in the current coin/token.

If you follow their twitter you will often get a code to use for extra claims (claim before you use the code) Same code can be used on all the sites once.

Free Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

These two sites works like the coin faucets, every hour you have a chance to win $300 worth of LTC or BCH that you either can keep in your site wallet to gain early interest or withdraw to your wallet.

Tho these sites comes with a dice game and lottery, but i would watch out from using those that gambling can hurt your earnings if you arent lucky enough.


This is something else, its a very old faucet and is easy to use. Its a mix of a faucet and slots casino. You can either claim 3 times every 10 minutes with the chance of 250,000 sat or do offerwall to get more sat and then take your chance with the game or just withdraw it to your bitcoin address.


The GetZen faucet is the official faucet for the Horizen coin. This faucet is very rewarding and there is different ways tot max out your daily claim. I would recommend you to read here on how to max your claim amount everyday. You can only claim every 20 hours, but you do have a chance to win 1 Zen for every confirmed referral that you get and once every 4 to 5 days you claim in a row.


Larvelfaucet is a faucet that let you pay out in Bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin to blockchain, faucetpay or Expresscrypto.io. The way to earn on larvel is through the faucet every hour, or with shortlinks, PTC and offerwall and when you get enough use the mining game to mine the site currency to payout or upgrade the miner to pay a lot more.

Again we hope that this article helped you just a bit on the way to earn more free crypto and would like to share it with your socials to help us out a bit. We enjoy helping you!


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