Right now is the time of investing into the growing crypto. In this post we will include some of the coins we believe would be a good investment because of the growth they had as late and still are growing very well. Before investing would i recommend you to do your own research on these coins.

What I’ve been looking out for is how stable a growth they have and how much more growth they had then going down, lets just say an eg, a coin grows 10% but only goes down 2% and then grow 5% so it will always make up for the loss with next growth.

Coins to look for!

  • Tezos – Almost 100% this month
  • Dogecoin – Almost 100% this month
  • Litecoin – almost 70% the past month
  • Bitcoin Diamond – 32% the past 24 hours
  • Bitcoin Gold – 14% the past 24 hours
  • Lisk – 20% the past 24 hours
  • Origin Protocol – 65% the past 24 hours

All other coins are growing but far from the once we have listed here and why we are thinking it could be the best investment of February, beside you can stake Tezos after buying it in different wallets like Coinbase.

Where to Buy them?

Again this is just a post to push you in a direct to perhaps help you with making a good investment, tho still make your own research to avoid losing money or too much money since everything can quickly go the other way in the world of crypto.


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