So in this post we will go over some telegram groups you should join and be a part of because it can in the end help you earn some extra crypto just by chatting and much more. None of them will be investing or mining telegram channels so if it is what you are looking for you are in the wrong place.

The Tip Room

The tip room is a very active community closing to 3000 members that just are chatting and having fun. Have in mind its not a begging channel so never ask for tips since you just get banned from doing that. If you are active here you can get tips randomly, from trivia’s and much more. They use the Parjar bot to tip all sort of ETH tokens and bitcoin and much more.

IDA Faucet

The IDA faucet is a telegram bot the reward you IDA TRX tokens, with this you also will need to have a Twitter account to follow some accounts to being able to claim. This bot is made by Allcoins and so is the Token since he use it for his advertising network. You can trade this token on a wide range of exchanges.

LTC Click Bot

This bot is simple, its a PTC bot that pays you to visit sites and join telegram channels. Here please think twice of the channels and websites you join or visit since not all of them are legit so please just use the bot to earn Litecoin and protect your self.

DOGE Click Bot

This bot is the same owner as the LTC click bot and 100% the same kind of deal here. You just visit sites and join telegram channels and get paid in dogecoin.

ZEC Click Bot

Same owner, same kind of things you do just earning a different coin, do i really have to explain more in this case?

Uptrennd Telegram Group

This is something else, this telegram group of one of the biggest crypto based social networks that pay you to post good content on their website. This is also a very active group and they do something like they do in The Tip Room. Its a very nice community so join it and perhaps join Uptrennd?


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