So today we will look into Coinstake that is a staking pool that actively add new prove of stake coins both old and new and often seem to be prove of stake coins that isn’t added to a lot of staking pools out there.

If you aren’t sure what a staking pool is then listen up closely. A staking pool is a place where people can put their staking coins together to gain stakes and mostly more often and can be used by everyone all from people who can’t afford the min amount to stake or buy enough to get a stable staking happening.

Coinstake is very new compared to a lot of staking pools out there and comes with a nice faucet for people who can’t afford any crypto at all. So you can just join the site and claim one of the coins every hour from the faucet and get directly into staking your coins.

Right now of the time of writing this post the site support 17 different prove of stake coins that you can deposit and start staking no matter what amount you got of each coin. of-cause the more coins you got in the wallets on the site the bigger amount of the staking you can get.

Coinstake comes with a nice insight on deposits, withdrawals and stakes happening on your account. Not only on your dashboard but you can get a more detailed view going under the staking log in your account from the menu.

Like any good service you can add 2FA with email or a 2FA app as well as a secret question only you would know for eg. whats your first pets name.

You can also add more then one address to your address book so when you send coins you can just find it in your drop down of withdrawal page.

So if you want to get started you can click here to join and get started.


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