So, i wanted to write about something different today and i figured, why not write about ChangeNow and how you can use it to earn a little extra from your content so people who want to support you as a content creator can do it with simply exchanging crypto and buying crypto through your links.

There is so many ways for content creators and developers to make use of the ChangeNow affiliate program.

First and most simple way is to share your affiliate link on videos and in blog posts and so forth, this link look like

You can also use the ChangeNow widget and buttons that you can find under your partner profile and add it to a page of your website or software, please look below for eg.

ChangeNOW button

3rd option will be starting a fully new site with ChangeNow White lable exhcnage where you take use of of WordPress and themes made by ChangeNow as well as a plugin to allow you to drive traffic to the site and let people exchange from your new website without having to leave it and you still earn your affiliate income.

To see how it can look please visit

Last option will be if you are a developer or can afford to buy a developer to include the Changenow API so you can add instant exchanging into your apps, website systems and softwares as you like, if you want to see a use case for this you can look at Atomic wallet.

Best of all, to become an Affiliate you wont have to give any personal information since your login will be an API and so forth and no name or email to get started, ChangeNow focus on anonymity and fast exchanging.

Beside that its all low fee’s and you can exchange very low amounts all from 3 USD and up.


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