Being a crypto faucet owner has its challenges and other things. The end of the day opening is more than just giving out free crypto to people since its the same as starting a business. You need to invest money and time into starting a crypto faucet and so much more to make sure that everything is running as it should.

First, you need to figure out a name and domain name that not only will be good but also easy to remember for the user so they come back more often to your website and use it because that is in the end what helps you earn money. To help you on the way I have included a host and a domain seller below this text that I have used for years now and I am personally happy with. The host alone has cheap shared and VPS and much more and it’s running very well and has their very own costume Cpanel that is easy to use compared to a lot of other hosting panels out there and it has support and billing in the panel too so you only need one login for everything.

Host: Domains:

If you either are lazy or can’t code you will have to come up with a script to use for the crypto faucet and have in mind some are better than others and some are linked to only support micro wallets. There are free scripts out there but they are mainly locked to a micro wallet and limited on what they can do compared to paid scripts that actively developed and have more features added on every update. You can check our list of crypto-based scripts to see some paid faucet scripts.

Next will be finding ways to monetize your traffic so you can generate money to keep filling your faucet in that said we made a list of good advertising networks that pay in crypto that you can find here.

What would then be the best crypto to start out with? well clearly bitcoin and bitcoin cash are two good to start out with, tho you can also go with dogecoin since those 3 are the most used coins when it comes to faucets, but you can also go all in and do a multi-coin faucet and do all 3 at one time so support more users needs.

For short links, you can see our list of paying shorteners you can start out with. to get bitcoins paid from that kind of traffic as well as the banners.

You also need to figure out where the best placements of banner ads will be since banners only pay per view and clicks, so think of where people most likely will give the banner ad a view so you are sure to get the most out of your traffic.

You also need a way to deal with cheaters, since we are dealing with money people go to extremes to get the money somehow without and restrictions and so on, so you need something that works against proxies, multi-accounts and so on that are used for ways to cheat, also anti-ad blockers that force people to disable their ad blocker for your website before they can use it.

As you can see there is a lot of challenges to be a faucet owner, and i hope this post can help you on the way to start your own crypto faucet or for that sake business no matter what it will be in the end.


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