So gotta make this post since a lot of the people who might be reading this are faucets owners and well yea they need an income somehow and with advertising networks supporting bitcoin or another sort of crypto is a good way to keep the faucets full without the big hassle.

There is a lot of different adnets out there in the crypto world where some are easy to join and some have requirements from your site before you are even allowed to show their ads on the site but all with a common requirement of being crypto-related.

1 A-ads

A-ads are one of the older guys on the bitcoin advertising network and is actually already used by a lot of faucets to this day. Even tho the CPM isn’t the biggest one it’s still a very trusted network with a good way of dealing with not enough advertisers by adding affiliate ads where you can get a % of sold products and more. Usually, you can see this in your dashboard when it shows a shopping cart beside the ad as seen on the image below.

2 Coinmedia

Coinmedia is like a-ads, you just signup and add your domain and add your advertising codes to your website. Tho coinmedia support popup ads as well where a-ads doesn’t the payout is about the same for coinmedia as a-ads.

3 Adscorp

If you are a faucet owner you are well aware who dutchycorp is, that said Adscorp is his bitcoin advertising platform both including banners and popup advertising. Its a good place for faucets to start advertising their sites for a cheap price. Payout is very low as well so you can already get paid to expresscrypto when you reach 20 cents.

4 Adaround

Even tho this isn’t a bitcoin advertising network but rather their very own coin that is used to pay for advertising and its users for the traffic they generate the ads they have on their website. I have personally used them on my faucets and even to generate signups for my affiliate links to a good price. Compared to a lot of networks you aren’t forced to deposit a min amount since they use their own coin that you can get on graviex for either BTC, LTC, GIO or USDT. Just sign up for graviex and search for ADS and the 4 pairs should come up

5 Bit-ad

This is another advertising network owned by a faucet owner, this time we are talking about Allcoins that own this network, its also a bit different since it uses the IDA Tron token as a form of payment for ads and payout for its publishers. The IDA token is already on an exchange so also easy to get exchanged into something else needed.

6 Bitmedia

This network used to be very hard to get part off without really having some sort of website rank and traffic, but it seems like to accept almost anything at this point now after they added the CPM floor that you can apply to get higher just by having a small talk with one of the support team members. The min payout is 0.001 BTC like most networks. Here you won’t have to add banners for every website since you just add the sizes you need and they will work on all your approved sites and can also be much higher paying than most of the sites listed above this if you apply for higher CPM.

7 Bitcoadz

This is a newer advertising network that as late, has started to be used a lot by a lot of sites including faucets. At this time they aren’t paying the big buck but its still adding up with time and also a good network to have around while it grows.

8 Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a bit different and also has a marketplace where people can buy themselves in on sites like etherscan and press releases on some of the big crypto news sites. Even tho at this point they won’t accept more faucets at this time, but will still accept other sites like blogs and so on so if you own such site this place could still be a good network.

9 Mellowads

Mellowads, the oldest network of them all but also the hardest one to join. This network want you to be in the top 100.000 websites before you can join in, but hey they have a faucet paying min 500 BTC sat every 24 hours that you can withdraw or put forward advertising in form of banners or popups.

We hope that this rather different list compared to most advertising network lists out there could be a better help with so many new networks instead of just all the same network on every list where most of them you can’t join anyway.

We will keep posting helpful posts like this and other things on this blog as well as updating our earning lists so stay tuned!


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