So we try to write about things that could help you within the crypto world of things. Well i think that this is a dream wallet for everyone that want to have their own keys but still a wallet that comes with the same features of a cloud wallet, what do i mean by that? well if you keep reading this post you will find out all the features that Atomic wallet comes with.

Atomic Wallet is one of the newer multi coin wallets out there that isn’t a cloud wallet since you have your own keys and backup words for your wallet and you can even use the keys of the different wallets to open up in a hardware wallet or something else.

Atomic Wallet is very active developed and a lot of new coins and tokens are added all the time to the wallet that is voted on with the use of their own token every time so they focus on what the community want in the wallet instead of just adding things people may or may not like.

Atomic Wallet comes with a lot of different features that normal GUI wallets doesn’t come with, like buying crypto with your credit or debit card in the wallet without doing KYC and so on.

You can also do a full out exchange using partners like changenow, Changelly and Shapeshift that is all non KYC instant exchanges and in your wallet so you just write what you want to exchange and its all done for you, no need to sent or anything, the wallet does it all for you.

Beside already supporting a wide range of TRX, BNB and ETH Tokens within the wallet you can always send any ETH token to your ETH wallet and it will automatically add it to the wallet or you can manually add it using the contract address.

Atomic also comes with its Anonymous ID in case you need to support because something went wrong then they can help you with what ever in case some coins was lost or something else not displaying right and so on.

Atomic also comes with a membership which is a good way to get the most out of your AWC tokens if you do a lot of exchanges in the wallet. There is 4 memberships that range between 0.25% to 1% cashback on your exchanges with a range of 100 to 300 USD max so if you exchange over the membership amount it will only count for the max.

Atomic also support staking.

This wallet is very trusted as well since the CEO of Atomic is the owner of Changelly but chosen to focus on Atomic and let some one else lead Changelly.


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